Gala Mirissa is a digital artist based in Barcelona and Reus (Tarragona). She works still artistic digital artworks, but one particularity of Gala are their multifaceted skills in the combination of Photography and Art with motion graphics and thus create something that looks alive, feeling the movement as an universal language and the song of our bodies.Finalist in VISUAL ARTIST AWARDS MIAMI 2018 for The Best Technical Innovation, she was selected in the International Filmaker Biennale Women Cinemakers and interviewed for claim the participation of women in Multimedia Art. ( ) ( )In 2015 she began to develop the Redhawk effect using morphing softwares. Inspired in George Redhawk and Bill Domonkos, soon she began to have more curiosity for all the specialities about motion art while she was developing their Artworks. She studied Philology, Madrid, and Multimedia at the UOC, Catalonia.INTERVIEWS :– WOMENCINEMAKERS (Special edition, selected in BIENAL 2018, Berlin.)– ART PEOPLE GALLERY.– HACIDMAGAZINE (BARCELONA/ NEW YORK).-G.R.A , Gallery of Refined Art, New York.– DESCENTRALAND & MAKERSPLACE in VR GALLERY GRAND OPENING the 26th/06/20.- CRUNITE GALLERY , July 2020.GALLERIES AND EXHIBITIONS :-http://-THE CULT HOUSE U.UK.-TV DIGITAL WORKS : 2016-MIMI KIRK PROGRAM BASED IN HEALTHY FOOD 2016-ERKHART TOLLE PROGRAM-2017-INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF PLASTICS ARTS OF SARCHESHMEH RED AT THE GALLERY OF SABA, TEHERAN /IRAN.-2017-CLOSE UP VALLARTA Festival Internacional de Video Creación-2017-IL CONTEMPORANEO IN CONTEMPORANEA LA BIANNUALE DI VIDEOARTE-WORDWIDE UNESCO OFFICIAL PARTNER-2018-Finalist in VISUAL ARTIST AWARDS MIAMI 2018 for The Best Technical Innovation.-2018-International Exhibition of the HUMAN RIGHTS.From 23 June to 23 September 2018 with other artists from different specialties. 
AIAPI Arti Visive IAA AIAP Unesco AIAPI Arti Visive IAA --AIAP Unesco 
Campana Dei Caduti.-2018-Selected in the International Women Cinemakers and Videoartists Edition.-2019- THE ART OF STORY TELLER, Barcelona.-2020-CRYPTOVOXELS : 2th February, NIFTIES NFT.NYC , Edison Ballroom in Times Square, New York .-2020-Live event at ESPACIO GALLERY in London , Virtual Gallery. (29th/05)-2020- THE HIVE MUSE EXHIBITION IN CRYPTOVOXEL.-2020- MAKERSPLACE & DESCENTRELAND VR GALLERY OPENING 6/26

Total Artwork Value: $671,342.72 (193.464 ETH)
Total Artworks Sold: 482